Do You Remember Why You Joined?

Let's Examine that Question...

Most likely your primary reason was to develop an avenue to increase your business through networking with fellow members. The principle of networking is one of the most inexpensive and efficient marketing tools known today... providing you follow the rules...


If you don't attend meetings regularly, you can't expect to get your share of leads!


Taking an active role in ALL phases of Thunder Bay Executives Association activities is one of the most effective methods to become known within the Association... whether it be a meeting, social event or networking program!

Training Members

Consider the Thunder Bay Executives Association another "sales arm" for your business. Each week you have the potential of over 30 "sales people" to sell your products and services! Your only payment to your team of Thunder Bay Executives Association "sales people" is reciprocity!


The chance to promote your products and services through a CRAFT TALK comes around every so often... take it!