About Our Association

Group of Business Members

The Thunder Bay Executives Association of Thunder Bay currently was established in 1949 and currently has a membership of over 40 well established organizations. Each firm is exclusive to its business category, allowing for a broad spectrum of the business community at each event.

Members of our organization include key executives from each firm who are interested in the development of long term business relationships within the community. Through conducting business within our organization, and referring business to other members, each firm has the potential for exponential growth and opportunities.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote business between our members;
  • To refer member businesses to other firms outside our organization;
  • To develop and maintain high professional standards in service and conduct;
  • To supply business leads among members


Leads are important to the Thunder Bay Executives Association. Members submit leads each week, which are published and distributed to members. Some ideas of what would constitute a lead for businesses in the Association would be:

Business Information

  • New Business Opening
  • Business Changing Management/ Ownership
  • Business Expansions/ Office Renovations
  • Property or Office Space for Rent/Sale
  • Conventions/ Events Requiring Accommodation
  • Events Requiring Promotions through Prizes
  • Companies Securing or Bidding on Jobs
  • Businesses Requiring Help with Marketing/ Advertising
  • Groups/ Businesses Requiring Computer Training

People Information

  • Someone looking for a house or apartment
  • Someone changing occupation
  • Association Organization Functions/ Draws
  • Someone returning to Thunder Bay
  • Someone looking for business loans/ investments
  • Someone looking for credit adjudication
  • Someone looking for a new/ used vehicle
  • Someone looking for information on travel/ holidays
  • Individuals inquiring about insurance protection